2016-10  "Bilbao - Blood circulation. Analysis of costs"
Blood circulation. Analysis of costs
From January to September 2016, 74% of the bags returned to the Transfusion Service (419/565) were recovered, with an annual forecast of 559 bags being recovered. As these are a scarce commodity, donated in an altruistic manner, it is necessary to implement measures to ensure that they are used wisely.

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2016-04   Näringsliv
Improved blood handling from vein to vein

The QTA Tracer System, developed by Tridentify, provides accurate information about the temperature, quality and position of donated blood or other temperature sensitive biological products distributed at a hospital or blood centre.

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Real Time Monitoring of Erythrocytes With QTA Tracer
by Magnus Gramming

System At the Ryhov County Hospital Blood Center Resulted in Changed Routine.
Master Thesis in Medicine, Author: Magnus Gramming, Supervisor: Camilla Hesse
Department of Clinical Chemistry and Transfusion Medicine
Institute of Biomedicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg

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2013-12-15  Laboratoriet - magazine for Biomedical Analysts
Groundbreaking product guarantees blood product shelf life
by Jasenka Dobric

A study visit, an idea, the right partners and the rest is, as you say, history. The result is a unique product that continuously documents the remaining shelf life of the blood bags and thus improves quality assurance. the product is called QTA tracer System is developed in close cooperation with the Blood Center in Jönköping where it is currently being tested.

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2013-03-07  "Vård i fokus"
Fewer blood bags discarded with new tracer
A system that documents a blood bag's life span, which means  fewer bags need to be disposed of,  is currently being tested at the blood center in Jönköping. The idea of such a system first came to biomedical analyst Petra Lindberg.

In Sweden more than 15,000 blood bags are disposed of every year. This is partly because it is difficult to assess the life span because you do not know what temperatures the blood has been exposed to and how the  life span is affected after the blood bags have left the blood center.

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2013-02-28 "IT i Vården"
Green light for valid blood
By Jens Krey

New technology can prevent blood bags from being discarded unnecessarily. The blood center in Jönköping is reportedly the first center in the country to test a new technology that measures the life span of blood bags.

When the blood is prepared a small chip is attached to the bag. On the chip, which continuously logs the surronding temperature, there is a red and a green diode and by tipping the bag it glows green if the blood is valid, and red if it is not.

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2013-02-26  Landstinget i Jönköping - Web Site
Unique product ensures the quality of blood bags
In Sweden 15 000 blood bags are disposed of every year, partly because of the lack of information from certain quality parameters. The blood Center in Jönköping County has been involved in developing a product that documents important parameters for blood bags' life span, thus reducing wastage.

The product is called QTA Tracer System and stores information about the blood that makes it easier to assess the life span of the blood.