QTA Tracer System is a versitile system that can be used to monitor different biological products.

We have the perfect solutions for your special requirements.

Here are some examples of usage for QTA for biological products within transfusion medicine

  • Whole blood
  • Red blood cells (Erythrocytes)
  • Platelets (Thrombocytes)
  • Plasma

Once you activate the system it can monitor any biological product in transport or warehouse and gives you full control within the boundaries you set up for your quality system. It's safe and can save a lot of money and resources by reducing disposals.


Choose the perfect solution for your requirements.


QTA Solution 1 (Standalone)

Using only the Tracer, the Scanner and the software QTA Access Point.


QTA Solution 2 (Service charge)

a solution where the Tracer, the Scanner and the software QTA Access Point is enhanced with access to the Web Portal for further information, statistics and current status of your tracer.


QTA Solution 3 (Complete)

A complete solution throughout the entire cold chain. Here we complete the chain with several Check-In Nodes for easier access through both apps for smartphones/tablets and complete access to the web Portal with auto reporting of statistics as yet another feature.


Examples of use with other biological products

  • Clinical trials
  • Test tubes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Reagents substances
  • Medical device equipment