QTA Tracer System is a solution made to protect the quality of your biological products in real-time.

QTA Tracer is the brain behind our solution!

  • Automatically logs information in real-time and recalculates products shelf life
  • Easy status check through LED diode
  • Configurad for your specific products regulatory requirment
  • Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Bluetooth 4.0 - easy & reliable access


A innovative medical class II-labeled device that monitors temperature variations and recalculates the superviced products shelf life according to the products regulatory requirements. Relevant information from the tracer is autiomatically uploaded to the QTA Web Portal through QTA Check-In nodes and QTA Access Points and allows you to access the information in real-time and through both computers, tablets an smartphones.


QTA Access Point and Configuration

A software where the regulatory requirments for the supervised product is configured.

The software initate a QTA Tracer with a new logging using a products regulatory requirements.

Smart extra features for fast and easy access to your tracers!


QTA Check-In Node App


A free app for iPad or iPhone(4th generation or later) to upload position and information from QTA Tracer's to QTA Web Portal. It can monitor tracers within 10 meters and upload the latest tracer status (product validity and expiration date) and position automatically every time a tracer passes a QTA Check-In Node. Available in Europe only.


QTA Reader App


QTA Reader is a free application for iPhone (4s or later) that can be used to readout information from QTA Tracer's from your iPhone or iPad.

You can scan a tracer wherever you are for latest blood status, blod bag data, current expiration date and estimated time left when stored in various temperature ranges. Available in Europe only.

QTA Web Portal


It gives you detailed information from the QTA Tracer's in a user-friendly way. All tracer data is stored in one place and you can search for specific blood type, status, location, expiration dates and export logs from specific blood bags/tracers. You can also see the location of your QTA Check-In Nodes on Google Maps.

When signing in on the QTA Web Portal you're automatically rediricted to you organization's web site containing the logs from all the tracer/blood bags associated with your organization. Available in Europe only.