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QTA Check-in Node *

  • Is a free application running on an iPad or iPhone
  • Registers tracers being moved within 10m
  • Uploads latest tracer status (Blood validity and expiration date)
  • ...and Check-in Node position to QTA Web Portal...
  • On the web portal you'll see the location of the Check-in node on Google Maps


QTA Check-in Nodes placed in various rooms/ departments/hospitals (and accompanying transports) help keep track of where the blood bag has been. 

When a blood bag with a tracer passes within 10 metres of a check-in node it is registered and information is instantly uploaded to the QTA Web Portal where it can be accessed. The information includes the GPS based location of the Check-in Node.

It is constantly up-and-running, eliminating the need for scanning single tracers to get information uploaded to the Web Portal. The process is carried out automatically every time tracers pass the Check-in Node.

The QTA Check-in Node runs on an iPad (4th generation or later) or an iPhone 4s (or later). The Node is dependent on BlueTooth 4.0. 

*[Available only in Europe]